My Adsense Audi TT

Yes, this is a braggin' page. I've been working hard for the last couple years on making myself a steady income from a number of websites I manage (and put my heart and soul in) -- and thanks to the people working with me and my own hard work I've finally been able to use some of the Adsense-money for something other than living and tax-paying...

I bought an Audi TT. I picked the Audi for two simple reasons: first off, it's only a 200bhp engine which means a 23-year old like myself won't die from not being able to afford the car insurance. That's a big deal. Second -- I absolutely love the looks of this car...

I won't be selling an ebook explaining my adsense success. It's useless as I have just one tip: work hard. Those who work hard get rewarded and will see their income gradually rise. Setting short-term goals helps a lot and will allow you to work towards something you can grasp. Don't expect to be making $5k in your first month -- shoot for $100 and than up that number once you hit it. From my own experience: the jump from $5 a day to $10 a day takes as long as the jump from $50 to $100 -- so don't give up if you feel like you're making slow progress.

The Pics:

Audi TT Front
Audi TT FSI Front
Audi TT Side
Audi TT Back
Audi TT Interior
Audi TT Interior
Audi TT Rim

These are pics from the dealer I bought the car from so they're not high-quality ones. As soon as I get a chance I'll get some real good pictures taken... Sorry for the delay!

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